We love working with our candidates and clients and have built may lasting relationships over time. Some of the people we work with have been kind enough to write about their experiences with Regan & Dean.

Our candidates...

"This was my first experience of using Regan & Dean and I was impressed with them from the start. I found them to be friendly, efficient and honest. They matched me perfectly to the job that I am doing now within a week of first meeting them! They would be first on my list of people to call for recruitment if we needed someone." Louise Leask, candidate

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Our clients...

"Regan & Dean have supplied permanent and temporary staff to Imagination for over 20 years. The consultants employed at Regan & Dean are exemplary. They take time to understand our recruitment briefs and have thorough knowledge of the skills and competencies required within this industry sector." Clare Dykes, HR Director

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