Team player? You're hired!

As you sit down in front of your television on a Wednesday evening, you may find yourself watching the contestants on BBC's The Apprentice battle each other in the race to become Sir Alan Sugar's protégé. We are told that each contestant has been picked from a pool of thousands of entrants because of their entrepreneurial flair and extensive business acumen; however, more often than not we are confronted with the painful viewing of the clashing egos of twelve Machiavellian power freaks.

Sugar's recruitment process creates an environment that encourages the contestants to get to the top of the ladder by trampling over everyone below them. Although this definitely makes entertaining viewing - in a real business environment it is all very well being successful - but the ability to work well as part of a team is an essential attribute.

Here's for our top tips for successful team work and team building.

  • Make sure that your team has a diversity of skills and personalities. Different personality types should complement each other so that people use their strengths whilst making up for the weaknesses of others
  • Make sure that the team's goals are accepted and understood by all members
  • Ensure that the whole team is involved in the decision making process - that way each member will feel ownership in the final decision
  • Try to avoid overlaps of authority, this should ensure that there is clarity about everyone's individual responsibilities
  • Everyone needs to be fully informed, so make sure all channels of communication are utilised effectively
  • Build trust with your fellow team members by spending one-on-one time with them, both in and out of the office, and always practise honesty and openness
  • The team leader should give frank performance feedback to each team member, but perhaps in a slightly more tactful way than Sir Alan!

Although it can be quite challenging to build and operate within a successful team, the results will make the whole process worthwhile. And hopefully you will be rewarded for your hard work without having to endure one of Sir Alan's gruelling boardroom sessions!

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