Risk of being pigeonholed and stifling career prospects is a real headache

Marketing dilemma
I am currently working as an in-house marketing communications executive job and enjoying my job. However, I'm afraid that unless I move to a broader role covering all marketing disciplines, I may be pigeon-holed and stifle my promotion prospects, as within my organisation there are many more opportunities for this type of role. Should I make the move across before it's too late and how can I prepare myself to take on the extra responsibilities? 

Narelle Lester, Managing Director at Regan and Dean Recruitment

Your company should want and indeed expect you to further your career and if they value your contribution, they will be open to you applying for other roles within the company.

As you progress, the more exposure that you have had to other departments the better this will enable you to look at strategies, problems and issues from an all round perspective. Additionally, someone who has worked across varied departments can really add value to an employer as they will understand the workings, structure and pressures of each.

It's important, however, to ensure that you have been in your current role long enough to have covered the full spectrum of projects/events and have developed the right sorts of skill sets needed to progress into a more varied role.

Prepare by talking to colleagues already doing those roles in order to get an idea of the main criteria and try to develop and manage projects that will expand your skill/experience base and therefore increase your chances of getting that full mix role.

Depending on the size of your company, request an appointment with HR or a senior director/line manager to discuss protocol.