HR Managers can have a tough job when it comes to juggling their responsibilities. Managing staff effectively, meeting targets and ensuring day-to-day activities, such as management reporting, are kept up-to-date, can be challenging. However, with the advances in technology, there are a range of online tools which can help make the role of HR Managers easier enabling you to provide better quality data and to focus time on more value added activity.

This is a selection of online tools for HR Managers, which can help ease the pressure. 

Please note that Regan & Dean has no affiliation with any of the companies listed and you should exercise due diligence before investing in any of the systems. These are paid for systems recommended by people in our network. Please email us with your suggestions too. 

OrgVue -

One of the bugbears of many HR Managers is the constant need to provide reports, whether for internal purposes or to meet the ever changing demands of legislation.

As its name suggests, OrgVue provides a way of viewing your organisation structure from a number of different angles and to model new structures. , HR Managers can create organisational charts, pulled together from employee data, including key details, such as job titles, salary and diversity.

OrgVue is also a great tool for compiling HR Analytics from across the business to inform business-critical decision making. It’s also used to compile simpler reports together in a  highly effective way. Many HR Managers will relate to that last minute request for a headcount report for the board meeting!

The application can also be useful for succession planning, workforce planning and business transformation.

OrgVue requires a significant capital investment. If, having explored it, you consider it a worthwhile investment we recommend scoping the market for comparative alternatives and before making a business case for discussion.

Fond -

All HR Managers recognise the importance of employee recognition and the role it plays in employee engagement and retention levels. Fond is an online tool which helps to enhance employee recognition, by rewarding achievements. With this platform, employees can get recognitions not just from managers, but also from their peers and this can help ensure each and every employee feels appreciated for their efforts and valued within the business. Employees choose from a selection of rewards and HR Managers can also use it to track performance, so they can acknowledge the key talent within the business.

As with all the sites listed. there are alternatives to Fond, so scope the market before making a decision.

HR Managers often need access to information from different systems. WorkDay is an HR Information System (HRIS) and business planning platform that combines all the key systems together, including finance and HR, to allow for greater visibility of the data in a single view.

As this is a Cloud-based system it gives real time views, which allows HR Managers to ensure their analytics are always up-to-date and not based on redundant data. It is also a simple system for employees to access their information in the one place, such as their pay slips, team performance and time off. 

This is a really well-designed, user-friendly system, which saves the hassle of being inundated with employee queries trying to work out how to use over-complicated systems.

WorkDay represents a significant investment and other HRIS systems are available (including BambooHR below). If you like the concept look around for other examples and make an informed decision.

Interviewing candidates and ensuring they have a good experience during the recruitment process is essential for employer branding. With Jobatar, the recruitment process can be streamlined, in a much more manageable way. This is an ideal tool for businesses with high levels of recruitment and through an video interview facility, it can cut the costs of travelling.

Jobatar manages the interview process, from issuing initial interview invitations, to sending alerts to remind candidates about their interview and ensuring quick and easy selection. Good communication is vital in ensuring candidates have a positive experience and Jobatar helps to do this in an efficient way. Ideal for HR Managers who want to build their brand and can’t afford to get slowed down with a heavy schedule of interviews.

Other video interview platforms are available so explore the market before committing.

People is an HRM system which can support the administration side of the business. With this system, HR Managers can easily access employee details and manage absences more effectively, allowing them to quickly determine and deal with any potential issues in this area. 

People provides an interactive system which can allow HR Managers to keep track of the progress of performance management and ensure reviews are undertaken. It is also more efficient for managers conducting performance reviews, as the interactive system allows them to manage the process more effectively, without having to leave their seats. There is also an application tracking system, where applicants can be managed and a recruitment pipeline can be created, to allow for more effective succession planning. Other worthwhile features of this system are the creation of workflows and a reporting function.

It’s a comprehensive set of tools and because it is charged on a per-employee basis per month, offers a cost effective option for smaller organisations. Of course other options are available so check widely.

This is an HRIS which is most suited to small and medium businesses. It allows for automation of a number of tasks, including onboarding and employee records, which can be useful for HR managers who only have limited HR resources. Automate onboarding, PTO and employee records. It also offers self-service for employees and managers and the ability to track training and benefits.

Make sure you understand what you need from an HRIS and the cost commitment of investment before pushing ahead. 


WISP is a mobile app which promises to increase employee engagement and simplify onboarding process. It has many features which make it valuable for HR Managers, including the ability to share company news quickly, using push notifications. In most companies, news is shared via email and this can make it easy to miss vital information.

WISP is a  simpler and more efficient way to share news, as well as company handbooks and policies. HR Managers can also assign employees to specific groups, so they only receive information which is relevant. Employees can also use messenger to communicate with each other and share files.

This is another subscription-based system. The monthly fee ranges from zero, for a company of nine or fewer people, upwards. Check other options before committing. 

In fact many of these applications, and ones like them, can be tested on a free trial basis so it may be worth testing a few and see which ones work best for you and your organisation. Of course you should always comply with your company’s IT policy before using any system, particularly when it has access to sensitive or confidential data.

But there’s normally no reason why you should not champion systems that will not only free up HR for more value-added tasks, but will also increase the accessibility, communication and quality of HR data in your organisation. 
Please note: Regan & Dean has no affiliation or commission arrangement with any of the providers mentioned in this blog. 

If you have suggestions for HR tools you’ve found of value, that might be of interest for our blog followers -- then let us know and we can share more ideas and options in future blogs.