Regan & Dean achieved a rating of 98% in an important test of our quality standards in an assessment designed by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

As specialist recruiters within the Events and Marketing sectors, we are delighted.  Now, we normally reserve these blogs for hints and tips for candidates or industry insights for employers, but from time to time we like to share news about Regan & Dean. And this is an achievement of which we are immensely proud – so we hope you don’t mind a bit of trumpet blowing and sharing!
Like most reputable recruitment firms, we’ve been members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) for many years. It’s widely respected as the leading body in our industry, alongside the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSco).

As the professional body for recruitment, REC expects members meet with certain standards. This includes delivering a high quality of service to candidates, ensuring practices are legal and fair and evidence of working to improve the standards of the services they offer and the recruitment industry in general. 

REC also offers a range of other services for recruitment agencies; including sharing industry knowledge, networking and offering ongoing support and guidance. 

Another important part of REC’s role is to ensure recruitment firms like Regan & Dean are compliant with REC’s best practice guidelines and ethical standards.

REC Assessment

The confederation has developed an online assessment for agencies to test their compliance around REC’s code of conduct, professional practice and business regulations.

The pass mark for the REC assessment is 80%. 

In Regan & Dean’s 2016 assessment we achieved an impressive 98%. 

This is an unusually high score. It’s a result that comes from the business practices and high level of integrity we have developed over 20 years in business. It also demonstrates that we go above and beyond the industry standards in terms of levels of service and care for candidates and clients. 

Our Managing Director, Narelle Lester, said “I am delighted we got such a high score in our 2016 assessment and we’re already looking for ways to achieve a perfect 100% in the next one!”

REC Membership

Membership of the REC is open to those recruitment agencies who have been trading for at least a year and who have knowledge of the recruitment sector. They must also attend a three-day course to be able to register for the membership. 

Membership can be revoked, if the agency fail to meet up to the standards of the REC. For example, not following best practice, not delivering a high standard of service to candidates or complaints from clients around service. 

When an agency has REC membership, it lets candidates and clients know that they are an ethical company and are professional and committed to the industry. 

Regan & Dean

If you are new to Regan & Dean, it might be helpful just to quickly summarise our history. We’re a recruitment agency that has been going over 20 years.

Our historic roots are in the Events sector, and our success in this field of expertise has enabled us to grow and also extend our services into marketing in response to client demand. 

More recently we’ve introduced a bespoke service with a broader range of job briefs within more niche areas. With this vote of confidence from our 2016 REC audit, we are excited to continue our success through 2017 - and another 20 years of matching great talent to great roles within events, marketing and beyond. 

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