The reality is that when your CV lands in the inbox of a recruiting manager it will most likely be alongside many others. Particularly for roles in Events that traditionally attract a lot of applications. And, as the manager will have a clear idea of what they are looking for and limited time, many won’t spend more than a few minutes for this initial CV review. There’ll most likely be a ‘yes’ pile and a ‘no’ pile. So, as a job seeker, and particularly if you are an event manager, it’s important that your CV makes an immediate impact for the right reasons - and gets into the ‘yes’ pile straight away.

If you have the skills and experience for the event management jobs you’re applying for, but you don’t get an interview, the chances are there are some simple reasons why, starting with your CV. We’d always recommend conducting a thorough review of your CV at the start of any job search - but it’s also worth running it through a quick ten-minute health check several times during the year. Why not do it now?

Here are some of the quick fixes to look out for if you have just have 10 minutes to spare.

1 - What impression does it make in the first 60 seconds? Look at your CV as if you were looking at it for the first time. Is it laid out well? Are the fonts used consistent and professional? Do you use wordy paragraphs - or headers and punchy bullet points? In an industry like event management where being organised is key, you’ll be expected to have an idea of good, clear, accessible layout, so make sure your CV demonstrates that you do. (1 minute).

2 - Does your personal profile create RELEVANT interest? If you start your CV with a personal profile (something we’d normally recommend)  does it compel the reader to read on? Does it summarise clearly your professional offering? (eg An Event Manager with 4 years’ international experience…)  Does it describe the real you? (eg A highly motivated and tenacious leader…) Or could it be describing any events professional? (2 minutes).

3 - Check for any gaps in employment or study - Employers and recruiters will spot any date inconsistencies on your CV so make sure you spot them first. If they are mistakes, correct them. If they are real gaps explain what you did. A one liner with the key dates is sufficient if it is a non-work activity such as travel. If your CV raises more questions than answers in the first review, and others’ CVs don’t, yours is the one that is likely to be passed over. (2 minutes).

4 - Most recent employment first - Employers and recruiters will expect to see your most recent job first - and then be able to follow clearly and easily each of your subsequent roles back to your education. Make sure they are all there, from most recent back, clearly showing the company and the role, and that the dates are correct. (1 minute).

5 - Ask someone else to proofread it. This can be a CV killer!  It is very hard to fully proofread your own work and a spellchecker is not infallible. Get someone else to check it out - ideally a friend, relative or partner who knows their grammar and spelling. If your CV does contain an obvious typo, it can put you immediately into the ‘no pile’ particularly for event management roles. Sad but true - so don’t let that be the reason your talents don’t make it to interview. (1 minute to ask and around three days to argue about the feedback!).

6 - Are your latest achievements on there? Can you provide quantifiable evidence of your activities in your last two or three roles? Have you got your recent events on there? Have you included the best example of your effectiveness and results in your most recent role? (2 minutes).

7 - Is your training record up to date? - Have you included the latest courses you’ve completed? If you’ve just completed a risk assessment course, or qualified in PRINCE2 get it on the CV. (1 minute).

Giving your CV our 10 minute check over will help keep your CV fresh and on the mark - but if it does need serious amending that could and should take you longer! And before you submit it for any specific job, always spend some time customising it for that role, highlighting particularly relevant experience. It really will make a big difference.

Your recruitment consultant at Regan & Dean will always review your CV with you, and give you  feedback before we submit your CV for a role. We like to make sure our candidates end up in the ‘yes’ pile!  And we hope our 10 minute check helps you help yourself too.