Regan & Dean | Is PRINCE2 relevant to my Events or Marketing Career?

Within any business, it is imperative that projects run on time and to budget, which is why many large organisations will have specialist project managers in place. Projects that are not delivered on time can be costly and damaging to the company’s reputation. While some projects can allow for a bit of slippage, preparing for an event or product launch rarely offers this luxury. 

Which is why there are so many project management courses and qualifications out there. One of the most well known is PRINCE2

PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a highly successful methodology developed to help improve the running of projects in a business. It was developed through intense research into other projects and consultations with project managers, consultants and teams. 

Used extensively by the UK Government and the public sector, PRINCE2 is also widely recognised and increasingly used in the private sector, both in the UK and internationally.

As many projects and campaigns within the events sector are large scale and complex, involving multi-stakeholders and suppliers/resources - and often focussed on an unmovable delivery date - a qualification in a rigorous project management methodology is a distinct advantage for an events professional.  

Traditionally, experienced Event Directors and Event Project Managers have devised their own project planning tools, however increasingly more formalised approaches such as PRINCE2 are being used. And if your event client uses this approach themselves, it has  even more relevance.

Is PRINCE2 relevant to my Events or Marketing Career?

As an event or marketing professional, particularly if you are keen to focus on your personal and career development, PRINCE2 is increasingly seen as a useful and notable qualification. Demonstrating you have spent time to develop your own skills will only be looked on positively by potential employers. It will also mean that the exceptional project management skills you have as a successful event management professional, are more easily recognised and transferable to other sectors.

PRINCE2 Qualifications

There are a number of PRINCE2 qualifications available, which can help assist those who are already working as project managers and those looking to develop their current skills. 

The PRINCE2 foundation course gives basic knowledge about the qualification, including the methodology and an introduction to the terminology. There is also the PRINCE2 practitioner, which is ideal for those already responsible for managing projects as it demonstrates you can actually use the techniques in practice.
Qualifications can either be taken online or in a classroom and can be done in as little as three to five days. There is a test at the end of the foundation course and another for the practitioner’s course. Qualification holders have to take a refresher test every couple of years.  

So it’s not easy to get the qualification, which makes you stand out all the more if you hold it. 

Who is PRINCE2 for?

Anyone can benefit from the PRINCE2 qualification to help their CV stand out, but it is obviously most beneficial for those who will be managing projects or aspects of a project. It can help improve your confidence in managing projects and in some cases, it may be a prerequisite of the job. It is a widely recognised qualification so is worthwhile considering if project management is an important part of your current role or a role you are aiming for in the future. 

Benefits of PRINCE2

The main purpose of PRINCE2 is to improve the chances of success of a project, ensure all key stakeholders are fully informed throughout the process, and that any issues and risks are raised and addressed in an agreed way. It reduces costs, saves time and generally ensures projects run as efficiently as possible. 

PRINCE2 also enables managers to make more effective use of their resources, so they can identify the responsibilities of each individual in the project. This is achieved through using a clear tried and tested framework and process. PRINCE2 has been highly successful in the UK and is now being developed in a number of other countries across the globe.

As a recognised and respected qualification, have PRINCE2 on your CV will give you a distinct advantage when applying for the right role. As you need to renew the qualification every few years, potential employers can be sure that your skills remain relevant and up-to-date. 

Drawbacks of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 can be used in pretty much any kind of project, but can be seen as a bit heavy weight for very short or minor projects. It can sometimes be seen as a bit bureaucratic and restrictive, especially by creative types! There are a lot of meetings involved, though they tend to be tight, focused and well structured when run by an experienced PRINCE2 practitioner. 

There are other project management qualifications out there and many different ways to study PRINCE2, so if you are interested check out some providers to see which one feels best for you.