Regan & Dean | Do you have what it takes to be an Events Manager?

Have you ever watched events like the Oscars, Party Political Conferences or Glastonbury and wondered about how they are brought to life?

Behind the glitz and glamour of every event there is always a team of event management professionals who have worked tirelessly for weeks or months to create the best possible experience for the guests, celebs, sponsors and other stakeholders.

Business events such as new product launches, training events, conferences and trade shows also demand the magic touch of an event manager or team.

Whether an event is big or small, for business or pleasure, there’s always someone – or a group of people - behind the scenes who has done all the research, planning and organising.

All the stuff that those of us watching take for granted.

Events management is a skilled profession and not for the fainthearted. So have you got what it takes to be an event manager?

What skills do I need to be an event manager?

Whatever your background you can enjoy a successful career in event management as long as you have the right attitude, a passion for a job well done, stamina and a commitment to learning.
Building on your positive can-do attitude, the following skills and traits could mean you are a natural fit for an events organiser role.
·      Great organisational skills
·      Attention to detail
·      Hard working and proactive attitude
·      Professional and well-presented
·      A hands-on organiser happy to get stuck in to any task
·      Enthusiasm, passion and drive
·      Team player – flexible and communicates with other team members
·      Good communication and interpersonal skills
·      Meticulous researcher
·      Flexible and quick thinking with loads of initiative
·      Customer service focused
·      Creative and able to think ‘out of the box’
·      Able to show tact and discretion with sensitive information
·      Calm and positive under pressure
·      A problem solver
·      Good writing skills (grammar, spelling etc)
·      Takes pride in producing accurate work
·      Good admin, numeracy and IT skills
An event manager will be involved in all aspects of an event – before, during and after and the list of possible responsibilities is almost endless.

Depending on the event, at any point you might be be organising (deep breath): location; theme and purpose; the timetable; marketing/promotion; invitation lists; guest communications; ticketing; transport and logistics; budgeting; catering; toilets; parking; first aid; security; merchandise; VIP liaison; staging; media presentations; sponsorship; scripts; AV content; staffing; props; accommodation; Health & Safety; equipment; rehearsals and many other responsibilities!

With all that on your plate you need to be really well organised. The ability to put together a watertight project plan will be a great asset.

Make no mistake, it can be hard work, but being at an event you have organised, watching the day unfold and seeing the audience interaction, knowing that you have made it all happen is an amazing feeling. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

In summary

Events is a tough profession, but it is a great industry to work in and incredibly rewarding. If you’re super-organised, hardworking, highly motivated, proactive and love being part of a team to create something unique in a fast paced and demanding environment, then events could well be the career path for you.

If you are interested in a career in events but don’t have any experience there is some exciting news coming soon. Watch this space.
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