Interviews can be nerve-wracking, even for the seasoned professionals as there is always the fear of the unknown. Although the success of the interview is dependent on how you explain your relevant skills and experience; it is also about how you portray yourself. If you walk into an interview as a nervous wreck, even if you have lots of relevant experience; you are unlikely to get the job. On the other hand, if you remain calm and confident, you are much more likely to express yourself better, which means a higher chance of success. Preparation is always the key when it comes to interview and not just research, but mental preparation. These are some ways you can mentally prepare for your interview, for the best possible chance of walking away with the job.

Deep Breathing

When it comes to anything in life; whether it’s an exam, driving test, interview or any other pressurised situation, nerves can get the better of us and lead us to failure. This is why it is so important to ensure you go into an interview with a relaxed, positive frame of mind (easier said than done, you may be thinking!) One way to conquer your nerves before an interview, is to practice some deep breathing exercises. When we get nervous, our breathing can become erratic which causes unnecessary panic. Breathing in slowly, holding the breath and exhaling, can help keep your breathing at a steady pace, which will make you feel more relaxed and ready for your interview.

Practice & Preparation

Everything is easier if you know what you are doing and nothing can be achieved without practice. This is the same for interviews. You probably know someone who breezes any interview they go to, but you can bet that they haven’t got to that place without a lot of practice. Interviews can actually be enjoyable, if you really know your stuff, so make sure you practice. It may be an idea to enlist the support of a friend or family member, who can take you through a trial run and critique your performance.


The natural way most of us think is to visualise failure and we often feel that by doing this, we’ll get a nice surprise if it works out better than expected. This is in fact the wrong way to look at any situation. You should take time to visualise your whole morning going great and the interview being perfect. Visualisation is a strong tool used by highly successful people, so it is well worth trying it for preparation before your interview.  Imagine yourself leaving  the interview knowing you’ve done the best job you can - whatever the final outcome.


It is important that you relax in the lead up to your interview, so the night or morning before it should not be a stressful one. A relaxing bath or even a massage will help you feel mentally prepared for your interview, as will a good, restful sleep. It is important that you are in a good place in your mind before an interview, so you can portray yourself in the best way possible.  On a practical level sort out your wardrobe and route the night before so you minimise the stresses of the day.


A tried and tested method used by many for success in an interview is to affirm to yourself that this is YOUR job and you are more than good enough to do it. The more you affirm your capabilities to yourself, the better your chances will be of a successful interview.


For some people, a good run, an exercise class or some weight lifting can really help get rid of any nervous energy. It can also get the blood pumping to the brain and the limbs and make you feel energetic and ready for anything. If you’re one of those people, build some time for exercise into the interview day, even if it’s just a walk as part of your journey, or taking time to stretch out that morning.

Follow these simple tips and you can smash those interview nerves.