Skills and training

Whatever field you are in, it is likely that you could enhance your career prospects, sharpen your professional abilities and expand your personal interests through taking a course or training programme.

Why do it?

Whether it be training for a specific work requirement (such as management skills), a more generic skill (such as learning a new language) or simply for pleasure, training courses are a great way to develop yourself, give you broader experience, and become more attractive to potential employers in the process.

How can you find out more?

It is always a good idea to check what opportunities for training and development exist at your present company, as there may be scope for you to train during company time and with your company paying at least a share of the costs of the course itself.

Alternatively, you could choose to study after work or at the weekend, enrolling at a college or education centre that offers specialist courses for part time students with busy lives. Thanks to the Internet, there is even the potential to take an e-course remotely.

If you are interested in finding out what skills and training opportunities exist, Regan & Dean recommends Cit Lit as a provider of a wide range of courses to suit virtually any potential student's needs. Get hold of a prospectus, and see what the future could hold for you.

Boost your career

However you choose to do it - in work or outside of work - the extra time and resources invested into personal development will pay dividends to your future career ambitions. At Regan & Dean, we encourage all our candidates to obtain as much training as possible, as time and time again we see the difference it makes to a candidate's prospects in the job market.