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The Skills Shortage – Time For Some Amazing Career Opportunities

It’s no secret that companies throughout the UK are becoming increasingly worried that there is a skills shortage for talented professionals to fill key roles within their organizations.

In almost every skilled sector, there is a feeling that the UK is not producing enough professionals to enable world-class companies to compete on a global stage. With emergent economies like India and China beginning to produce expansive new generations of highly trained individuals, the current and future situation for Britain could be bleak.

Until that point however, if you are a skilled professional, the future looks pretty bright indeed. UK businesses are investing huge amounts of time and money to attract and hold on to talented individuals, as they fear them to be in short supply. If you’ve got skills to offer British industry then congratulations, your stock has just risen

It could be a good time to get some training to increase your skills and abilities in preparation (see story below) for the next career move, or simply to have a look at what other lucrative opportunities might exist at other companies within your current role. Either way, the conditions indicate that there’s a good chance you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

To have a discussion about some of the more exciting opportunities open to you, get in touch with Regan & Dean. Our specialist consultants know the sectors, the opportunities that exist, and the benefits that can be gained. Call us on 020 7409 3244, or Click Here to email us.

























Regan & Dean provided a high level of support and advice during my time spent job hunting.

Gemma Brumage

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